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COVID-19 Mobilization Resources

Africa response


WHO: COVID-19 Solidarity Fund


Africa CDC: Response Fund

Open Call Details

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WHO: ACT Accelerator


advocacy resources


WHO: Biomedical Equipment Inventory Tool

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IHME: National COVID-19 Forecasts for LMICS


Hygiene Hub: Fighting COVID-19 through hygiene

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SEED Global Health: Content Hub

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PATH: Resources to support COVID-19 responses in LMICs

PATH COVID-19 Resources

Precision for COVID-19: Africa COVID-19 Community Vulnerability Index

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educational resources

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Africa CDC: COVID-19 Key Information

COVID-19 Emergency Numbers

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One by One: Target COVID-19 Social Media Toolkit

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WHO: Dos and Don'ts 

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Parenting in the time of COVID-19

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Africa CDC: Hand-washing Guidelines

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Roche Children's Book on Covid-19

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Youssou N'Dour 



Africa Arxiz: Multilingual Mythbuster Videos

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AMREF: Videos for Citizens

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