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Get the Facts | Physical Distancing

You can catch the #COVID19 from coming into contact with an infected person’s respiratory droplets in the air. How can you stop the spread?
✔️ Maintain at least 2 metres apart from other people when at the market, school, restaurant shop, work or church.
✔️ Avoid crowds whenever possible.

Learn more about protecting yourself and others here:
#TargetCOVID19 #FactsNotFear #AfricaResponds

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Get the Facts | Physical Distancing

Spread the facts:
Respiratory droplets can contain #COVID19. Protect your loved ones and
✔️Keep at least 2m apart from others.
✔️Avoid crowds when possible.

#TargetCOVID19 #FactsNotFear #AfricaResponds
@AfricaCDC @_AfricanUnion @WHOAFRO @OnebyOne2030

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