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Political Envoys

A One By One Political Envoy is the very cornerstone of the campaign’s success in driving policy change and inspiring political action amongst the top-most officials to achieve universal health coverage in Africa. The campaign’s carefully selected envoys ...


Former Tanzanian President, H.E. Jakaya M. Kikwete, is both a founder and a political envoy of the One by One: Target 2030 campaign. With vast years of experience as an advocate for universal access to health, President Kikwete provides crucial direction for the campaign, serves as a role model for other heads of state across Africa to step up and commit to UHC in their policy agendas.

Prior to his presidency, President Kikwete held key Ministerial positions in the Tanzanian Government including Foreign Affairs, Finance, and Energy & Minerals. His continued championing of a Tanzanian development agenda focusing on public health, women and children positions him at the forefront of high-level political leadership for expansive and inclusive health.

President Kikwete has served as the Co-Chair of the UN Commission of Information and Accountability on Women’s and Children’s Health, Chairperson of the United Nations High Level Panel on the Global Response to Health Crisis, and Chairperson of the African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA).

Upon his retirement, President Kikwete assumed leadership roles in different capacities across various cross-cutting issues thereby embodying a true One by One leader and envoy for comprehensive UHC across the continent. 

President Kikwete plays a strong role in enhancing relations between the AU and the UN, EU and International Community at large. 

Other leadership roles include: 

Co-Chair of the UN High Level Advisory Group on Every Woman Every Child; Member of the UN Lead Group on Scaling Up Nutrition, the Global Ambassador for Immunization, Member of the World Malaria Council; Commissioner of the International Education Commission for Financing Global Education Opportunity; Co-Chair of the World Refugee Council; African Union High Level Representative on Libya; and Chairman of the Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete Foundation.

Her Excellency Amira El Fadil illustrates the power of high-level political will and its ability to drive lasting change for UHC in Africa. As the Commissioner of Social Affairs at the African Union, H.E. Amira El Fadil actively engages with top political figures and mobilizes them in areas including women’s rights and empowerment, children’s rights and welfare, health, youth empowerment, education and poverty eradication. H.E. Amira is an important leader for UHC and calls upon all AU Member states to adopt universal health coverage across the African continent and to build the resilience of health systems. Currently, H.E. Amira ardently advocates for the ratification of the African Medicines Agency (AMA) to ensure the harmonization of medical products across Africa.



As an affirmation of her commitment to support Africa’s efforts in attaining inclusive and sustainable healthcare, H.E. Amira El Fadil actively plays a key role in the development of reports including The Africa Health Transformation Programme, 2015–2020: a vision for universal health coverage and Agenda 2063.


One by One Cultural Champions are active advocates and celebrities from nations throughout Africa. When they join the campaign, they use their broad influence to rally citizens and decision makers together: building excitement, mot...

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Makeda Mahadeo
DJ, Rwanda

Makeda joins the One by One campaign as a passionate health advocate, educating her audience about preventative measures to take against diabetes.



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Jeff Koinange
Journalist & Talk Show Host, Kenya

Jeff joins the One by One campaign in his role as a judge of East Africa’s Got Talent, to lend his passion to the fight for cancer research and elimination. 


Cancer and UHC

Jeff Koinage is Kenyan journalist and talk show host who has used his voice to increase sensitivity, awareness and passion around cancer prevention and treatment. He has played an integral role in raising funding for cancer research and treatment and is a champion who consistently educates and influences his local community about this issue. 

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Gaetano Kawga
Actor, Broadcaster, Uganda

Gaetano joins the One by One campaign in his role as judge of East Africa’s Got Talent, to lend his voice to the fight for promoting positive health behaviors and raise mental health awareness. 


Exercise & Diet and UHC

Gaetano Kagwa is a Ugandan actor and broadcaster who has used his platform to inspire his community to practice positive diet & fitness habits while also encouraging cancer screening. Kagwa is a dedicated advocate for preventative health habits in Uganda.

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Anne Kansiime
Entertainer, Comedian & Actress, Uganda

Anne is an astounding entertained and comedian who is using her talent and platform to reduce risky behavior. 


Reducing Risky Behavior and UHC

Risky behavior is often a cause of preventable death. Anne Kansiime uses her influence to encourage citizens to be mindful of their behavior in order to protect themselves and stay in good health.

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Actor, Singer, and Songwriter, Tanzania

Nahreel is 1/2 of Navy Kenzo, a musical group. 


Fitness & Nutrition

Nahreel is not only passionate about music, but he is also dedicated to using his platform to promote healthy behavior. He joins the One by One campaign in promoting positive dietary and fitness habits to his fans and broader community.

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Actor, Singer, and Songwriter, Tanzania

Aika is 1/2 of Navy Kenzo, a musician group.

Maternal Health and UHC

Aika, from the Navy Kenzo duo artist group, is a champion advocating for maternal and child health. She is also a UNICEF advocate for social change and a contributor to the Killmanjaro project, which is a tree-planting initiative supporting environmental sustainability.

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