About the Author

Dr. Patrick Musinguzi (PhD) 

Lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Production,

Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda;

Research Focus: Soil and Land Resources Management.  

Dr. Musinguzi has been involved in intensive local and international research and consultancies in different sectors related to natural resource management both with Government and Non-Government Organizations. He commands vast experiences in conducting objective-based rural development activities, field related experiments, research and publications. He has gone through several local and international training in areas of natural resource management in soils, land use, climate change, crop management, models/simulations,  geo-statistics,  GIS,  watershed management and food-water-energy-ecosystem nexus. He has also successfully executed some duties in Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti, Tanzania, Rwanda, Morroco and Ethiopia. He has conducted integrated assessments related to the water-food-energy and ecosystem nexus. Currently, Dr. Musinguzi is analyzing how the nexus is linked to the health of millions of people on the continent since healthy living is critical for sustainable development. He believes that rural development can only be tackled with an integrated approach. This zeal to promote the integrated approach started after his PhD studies, and later during his work with communities. He believes that overcoming poverty in Africa demands an integrated model that considers holistic packaging of information, support services, technology, and innovations within established time frames.