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#EAGTOnebyOne Campaign:


A healthy nation is a talented nation

One by One: Target 2030 Launches in East Africa 

The One by One: Target 2030 Campaign is working closely with the Kenyan government to amplify important messaging around critical non communicable diseases that affect over 50% of East Africans. In partnership with Clouds Media International, and as platinum sponsors of East Africa's Got Talent, One by One launched the inaugural One by One Mass Media campaign on the show to spread messaging on preventing and controlling non-communicable diseases while calling on all East Africans to take responsibility for their own health and to demand the same of their leaders.


In Kenya, Non-Communicable Diseases, often related to lifestyle behavior, are responsible for over half the hospital admissions and cause 55% of deaths in hospitals. This does not take into consideration many who do not seek care for their conditions. 

The four main risk factors for major NCDs are:

  • tobacco use;

  • physical inactivity;

  • harmful use of alcohol;

  • unhealthy diet

These risk factors, acting singly or in combination, significantly contribute to common NCDs and related conditions and impact not only individuals, but entire households and communities. It is crucial that individuals know the risks, and the steps that they can take to reduce them. 


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Celebrity Engagement and Amplification on every episode reaching over 100 M viewers

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driving impact with community and cultural influencers and creatives

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PSA's and Celebrity Engagement

EAGT Celebrity judges speak up through the campaign about Non-Communicable Diseases on the rise in the region. Ranging from Cancer to Mental Health and risky behavior, it got conversations started on the platform about ways individuals can take care of their health, seek preventative treatment, and demand more of their health system.