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One by One: Target COVID-19 Digital Media Toolkit

#TargetCOVID19 #AfricaResponds #FactsNotFear #GetTested #TestTraceTreat

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About the Toolkit

Stop Misinformation in its tracks.

Share these open source digital resources to encourage your community to practice social distancing and help spread accurate information on COVID-19.  


Download the Toolkit here:

Click on the links below to access social media resources by topic.

Download by Topic

Download the Toolkit

Instagram Handles to Tag:

@OneByOne2030 @AfricaUnion_OfficialPage @who_africa

Facebook Handles to Tag:

@OneByOne2030 @AfricaCDC @AfricanUnionCommission @WHOAFRO

Communicating COVID-19

Communicating about covid-19

To avoid spreading incorrect and harmful information about COVID-19, visit reliable sources including:

Twitter Sample Message

You can reduce your chances of being infected or spreading #COVID19 when you join [me] and share the facts: to find health information you can trust, visit @WHO: #TargetCOVID19 @OnebyOne2030 @AfricaCDC @WHOAFRO

Facebook Sample Message

Join [me] in sharing the facts and reduce the spreading of coronavirus! You can reduce your chances of being infected when you take the right precautions and urge your family and neighbors to do so as well. #GetTheFacts


To find health information you can trust, visit @WHO: #TargetCOVID19 @OnebyOne2030 @AfricaCDC @WHOAFRO

Take the Pledge

Print & info materials

Posters | Take the Pledge

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This toolkit will be regularly updated.  Be sure to check here each week for new mythbusters and other social tools!

Contact if you or your team have any questions, comments, or want to be more involved with the Target COVID-19 Campaign. 

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